August 2022

Josuma Monsooned Robusta (for espresso blends)
This coffee exhibits a very soft, mellow, clean flavor. It is best used in espresso blends, especially those using Brazil naturals as the base. If you are new to Robusta, please note that Robusta is meant to be a small element in your espresso blend. Think of it as condiment. 

Josuma's Kaapi Royale Premium Washed Robusta
Shade grown, Washed Robusta single estate Kaapi Royale. These beans are selected and imported by Dr Joseph John himself of the Josuma Coffee Company. To be used as an element in an espresso blend.

Josuma's Monsooned Malabar - AAA Super Grade
Super Grade Monsooned Malabar is low in acid, high in body, and has a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor. Excellent at helping to mute the acidity of certain African and Central American coffees without compromising the fruitiness of those beans. 

Josuma's Proprietary Espresso Blend Malabar Gold®

Malabar Gold® is pre-blended while green for a European-style espresso. This premium espresso blend produces a sweet, full-bodied shot with little bitterness.

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