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August 2021

El Salvador Orlando Aguilar Mendez Microlot
Known as "the land of volcanoes," El Salvador is the smallest Central American country. It's about the same size as New Jersey.

This coffee is sweet and citric with tart lemon and chocolate flavors that stand out in the cup. 

Costa Rica Las Lajas Micromill Honey Microlot
When coffee is honey processed the skin of the coffee cherry is removed, but the mucilage remains on the coffee seed to dry. The mucilage is golden amber in color, which gives it the name "honey processed." 

This coffee is sweet and citric with a heavy mouthfeel, chocolate and fruity flavors.

Sumatra Gayo Pantan Musara
This coffee is also a microlot. This is a washed Sumatra that has been depulped, fermented for 36 hours and then washed four times to remove the mucilage. It's dried for 14 days or longer. 

This coffee is sweet and clean with a sugary mouthfeel, rich chocolate, and caramel flavors, and tart acidity.

Nicaragua FTO Segovia
We are so happy to have this coffee back in stock after a long hiatus. This coffee is one that should be in every home roaster's storage bin. Great alone or blended.

Clean and citric with a smooth mouthfeel, praline and cocoa flavors. 

Organic Guatemala Antigua
This farm began as part of an agroforestry project. The coffee is dry fermented for 36 hours before washing. Drying takes 21 days.

This coffee is sweet and savory with chamomile, lemon and toffee flavors and an herbal aftertaste. 

CP Select Mexico Chiapas FTO
Again we're thrilled to have a Mexican Chiapas back in stock. Been way to long without representation from this area. This coffee is beautifully wonderful.

We're getting sweet and tart with almond, cocoa, winey fruit and lemon. 

CP Select Brazil
Brazil has been hit hard in recent months. The latest estimates are stating that as many as 10 million bags of coffee have been lost due to drought and frost. This is a new lot of Brazil. We know this is a staple coffee for many blends. We cannot guarantee continued availability at this time. 

Flavor notes of Almond and cocoa. It's clean and citric as well. 

April 2021

All of these coffees landed March of 2021.

CP Select Brazil

This is one of our CP Select coffees. You can read more about that here.
We are getting a lot of Almond and Cocoa from this one. Clean berries and a  thick creamy body.

The CP Select Brazil is great for blending. We typically recommend letting it rest for 3 days.

CP Select Huila
This is another CP Select Coffee. We are enjoying a sweet and savory cup, with tangy acidity, dark chocolate, toffee and citrus fruit flavors. We suggest trying it at a City to Full City roast.

CP Select Tanzania Peaberry
We love this one. Do be careful when roasting though as the beans are small and may tend to get stuck, depending on your roaster. We are picking up flavor notes of sweet, savory citric, toffee, sugarcane, grapefruit and a creamy mouthfeel. 

A classic espresso blend would be 1/3 Tanzania Peaberry, 1/3 Indonesia, 1/3 Brazil or Central American.

Ethiopia Organic Washed Limu Grade 1
Washed Ethiopian coffees tend to be lighter and have a more pronounced acidity. We are delighted with the juicy and sweet tangy acidity of this coffee. We're also picking up grapefruit, floral and toffee flavors. 

Java Frinsa Collective Washed
We love the sugary praline, toffee and mellow citrus of this coffee in the cup.

Peru FTO Norte Lima
Peru is working towards becoming a specialty market. We're extremely excited about this addition to our lineup. It's balanced, sweet and citric with cranberry, lime and toffee flavors. 

February 2021

Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita Tarrazu RFA
La Minita coffee has brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate.

Costa Rica La Magnolia
Clean Acidity, medium body, and intense yet delicate flavors of citrus, maple, and honeysuckle.

CP Select Guatemala Antigua
Lively acidity, a heavy body, and flavors of fine chocolate, caramel, and smoky rum.

December 2020

Bali Blue Krishna Organic RFA
Raisin, peat, dark chocolate and full-bodied.

Felucca Blend
Extremely winey and complex. Perfect blend of Ethiopian Chocolate and Yemen Fruitiness.

Mexico Chiapas FTO Sierra Azul
Mellow and citric with cocoa and roasted peanut.

Sumatra Gayo Pantan Musara
Tart, winey fruit acidity, sweet and juicy with chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, and lemongrass flavors. 

Burundi Mutumba Washing Station
Rich cocoa, caramel, grapefruit, and sweet cedar flavors. 

Tanzania Peaberry CP Select
Heavy and tart with rich cocoa and lemon flavors.

Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffee Grade 1 Halo Beriti Special Prep
Jasmine, lime, lemon, chocolate, juicy and sweet with tart citric acidity.

Chicory is roasted, ground and ready to go. Use a 3:1 ratio and brew.

Teas Please!

November 2020

We've restocked from Josuma's!!

Josuma Monsooned Robusta (for espresso blends)
Arrived 11/9/2020
This is a monsooned robusta is an amazing addition to espresso blends. It's has a soft, mellow, clean flavor. Increases crema and adds caffeine.

Josuma's Monsooned Malabar - AA Super Grade
Arrived 11/9/2020
Josumas found a wya to isolate the fully-monsooned beans from the partially-monsooned, giving us Super Grade. Low in acid, high in body, and has a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor. 

Josuma's Proprietary Espresso Blend Malabar Gold
Arrived 11/9/2020
Malabar Gold® is pre-blended while green for a European-style espresso. This premium espresso blend produces a sweet, full-bodied shot with little bitterness.

September 2020

New Arrivals week of Sept 21st
Decaf Girlfren Blend - Organic SWP
Back in Stock
Flavor notes: bright, rich, bold, sweet, great body, earthy, chocolate, spice

Flores Organic RFA Bajawa Ngura
2020 Crop
Flavor notes: dates, peat, walnut, cocoa powder

Java Organic Taman Dadar Kayumas RFA
2020 Crop
Flavor notes: Grape, Walnut, Peat, Dark Chocolate

Bali Blue Krishna Organic RFA
2020 Crop
Flavor notes: Peat, Heavy Bodied, Baker's Chocolate

CP Select Guatemala Antigua
New 2020 Crop
Flavor notes: lively acidity, a heavy body, and flavors of fine chocolate, caramel, and smoky rum.

Colombia Reserva del Patron
New 2020 Crop of "Proprietor's Reserve"
Flavor notes: Raisin, rich chocolate, engaging acidity and a creamy and silky body.

Decaf SWP Costa Rica La Magnolia
This is the exact same coffee as the La Magnolia. It just arrived back from being decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process
Flavor notes: citrus and maple

Costa Rica La Magnolia
New 2020 crop
Flavor Notes: Clean Acidity, medium body and intense yet delicate flavors of citrus, maple, and honeysuckle.

Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita Tarrazu RFA
Restocked 2020 crop
Flavor Notes: brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate. 

New Arrivals week of Sept 14th
Kenya AA CP Select
New Crop
Flavor notes: Rich and fruity with plum, caramel, orange and red grapefruit flavors and a smooth mouthfeel.

PNG Wahgi Valley Kunjin
New Crop
Flavor notes: Sweet and savory with milk chocolate and citrus fruit flavors and creamy mouthfeel.

CP Select Sumatra Mandheling
* Restocked/NEW CROP - changed name to make this a CP Select Coffee. New crops are double picked, not triplet picked
Flavor Notes: cocoa, grapefruit with citric acidity, heavy mouthfeel and a tobacco aftertaste

CP Select Brazil
Flavor notes: mellow and citric with a heavy mouthfeel and peanut flavor

Ethiopia Organic Grade 1 Guji - Kayon Mtn
Flavor notes: delicate, sweet, clean and fruity with ripe berry, jasmine and cocoa flavors

Mexico Chiapas FTO
Flavor Notes: balanced and soft with praline, cocoa and lemon flavors