Have you ever found yourself running really low on your favorite beans, but trying to stretch them out so you can get to your birthday discount in a few weeks? Then you will like this change!

Starting September 2017 we've implemented a new code that allows you to use it up to twice a year, per household, but it won't require it be precisely your birth month at the time of ordering.

How do you use the code?  All you have to do is be logged into your account to apply the code, then use it when you are running out of beans -  even if your birthday isn't for a few weeks! The new system will track this for us and give you a couple uses per year, in case you make your large yearly purchase and then see we have a new coffee two weeks later that you really wanted to try. 

Let us know if this helps you as much as we hope it does, or if you run into any issues. We are doing our best to make this as user-friendly as it can be.

Thanks, Friends!

-The Coffee Project Staff