Our Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program

Welcome to our new rewards program, The Coffee Project Perks.

The program has been available since we launched the new website. So if you've been ordering from us, you've already been earning points. The programs offered and rewards offered will change from time to time. The steps to view your points earned and how to redeem will be the same though. 

Here is a video walkthrough. It's about 9 minutes long and does have closed captioning enabled. 


  1.  Find and click on the launcher button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 
  2. If you are not logged in you'll see the Visitor Screen. You can sign in here with your regular sign-in credentials for your account with us. They are the same thing. 
    Visitor Panel

  3. Once you are logged in you'll see your member information. Your earned points will be at the top of the panel. If you click on "Your Rewards" you'll see all the rewards you've redeemed, both used and unused.  You can click on the "Ways to Earn" and "Ways to Redeem". 
    member panel
  4. Click on Ways to earn.
    This will show you the various ways you are currently earning points. You can edit the date on your birthday to earn points during your birthday month. These will be given to you during your birthday month. You'll get a reminder email.

  5. Click on Ways to redeem.
    This will show you the rewards currently available and how many points you'll need to spend to claim them. You can click the VIEW button to read more and then Redeem those rewards if you choose. 

Keep in mind that only 1 coupon/discount can be used per order. All coupons and discounts are good on unroasted coffee. We do not discount the roasters or parts. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 


The Coffee Project Team

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