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Mexico Rancho San Francisco

Mexico Rancho San Francisco

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Flavor Notes: chocolatey almond aroma. Notes of cacao, almonds with a slight floral note, caramel sweetness, and refined acidity.

Roast Profile: 
Light roast, medium roast, and dark roast.

Recommended Use:
Drip, Pour-Over, Espresso. Cold Brew/Nitro Brew, Blends

    The Raw Facts

    • Origin: Central America, Mexico
    • Region: Chiapas
    • Farm: Delmar and Fernando Moreno Guillen
    • Variety: Bourbon, Typica
    • Altitude: 3,300 - 4,300 ft
    • Process: Washed
    • Grade: SHG
    • Certifications: none
    • Crop Year: 2024
    • Harvest: Feb-March

    Uncropping the Details

    The “Rancho” is Strictly High Grown (SHG) by third-generation farmers, Delmar and Fernando Moreno Guillen on their family estate in the mountains of Chiapas. The farm utilizes a significant amount of natural shade trees, and while not certified organic, it is naturally grown and processed without chemical fertilizers. Our Mexico Rancho San Francisco is comprised of mostly Typica and Bourbon varieties, but there are a few Caturra trees still producing in some areas of the farm.

    Overall this is one of the most versatile coffees around—it can be roasted across the spectrum, blended, or enjoyed as a solo cup or single-origin espresso. The beans are relatively softer than other high-grown centrals and develop a bit faster in the roast, coming out looking nice and BIG!

    Chiapas is the southernmost region in Mexico, sharing a border with Guatemala to the west, and Oaxaca to the east. It is well suited to produce an almost “Guatemala-esque” profile; medium body, medium acidity (although not as much as a Guatemala Huehuetenango), a nice oaky, nuttiness, and a hint of spice.

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