CP Select Peru

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Flavor notes: soft, sweet and savory with toffee, lemon, red grape and caramel

As a CP Select Choice this coffee will showcase classic Peru coffee characteristics. We source based on the quality of the coffee and trying to maintain a consistent flavor profile. 

  • Origin: South America
  • Region: Cajamarca, Peru
  • Farm: various smallholder farms
  • Variety: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Costa Rica, Typica
  • Altitude: 1700 - 1900 meters
  • Process: Washed
  • Arrives: January - June
  • Certifications: none

Our CP Select choices, like our Estate choices, are chosen for their high quality as well as looking for consistency from order to order for you. This can be an important element when you've found a type of coffee you love or a certain blend you've created that you want to maintain. Perfection is a difficult goal but we do strive for that ongoing level of quality and consistency in each CP Select choice, so that its as same as possible each time you order. Those CP Select coffees do lose their bag to bag pedigrees.


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