Roast Magazine

Roast Magazine is a high-quality coffee industry magazine for your coffee library. 

New issues available every other month. Even BETTER than a book. It's what’s happening today in the art and science of roasting, regions, and beans; in-depth, and current. Awesome editorial design, images, and clear writing. 

You will find the insight and knowledge you want on the same level as the pros. If you're interested in origins, certifications, roasting and brewing techniques- it's all here. We guarantee it will impact your daily cup. Whether you're new to roasting or a seasoned professional, THIS is what you want to add to your coffee library. 

Get one (1) FREE issue of Roast Magazine today with any order including beans or equipment. One magazine per order, while supplies last. Simply add the issue you want to your cart. 

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Special Note:  We currently offer the Roast Magazines for free on the honor system. Our website platform only allows for 1 discount per order. Offering the catalog for free allows our customers to use a discount during checkout. If we "discounted" the catalog then that would use up the 1 discount per order. Over the years we've had those who load up on all the "free" items and try to checkout with only paying shipping fees. We also have customers who want additional issues. If you are interested in purchasing extra issues, please email us at We can send you an invoice for the extra issues. You can also buy back issues from Roast Magazine directly or get $5 off a yearly subscription. 

We reserve the right to substitute issues as needed as well as to cancel an order if necessary. Please note, listing the magazines as free is to help make things easier for everyone and allow the use of other discounts during checkout. While we offer the issues as a free gift for our paying customers, we do have to purchase them and pay for shipping to our warehouses. Thank you for your understanding.