The Coffee Project Flavor Wheel -- Find Your Favorite Green Coffee!

The Coffee Project Flavor Wheel -- Find Your Favorite Green Coffee!

Welcome back to The Coffee Project Blog!  We hope you will join us here often to explore topics related to all things coffee, including green coffee selection, roasting, brewing, and anything else that catches our interest.  We enjoy what we do here at The Coffee Project, and part of that joy is sharing it with you.

One of the coolest new features on our brand-new, redesigned site is the Coffee Flavor Wheel.  The Flavor Wheel helps you find the coffees that you love by allowing you to sort them by the characteristics that you find most appealing.  For example, I love a cup with some fruit in it, but I also want a solid body.  Using our new Coffee Flavor Wheel, here's how I'd find my favorite coffees in the Coffee Project menu.

Flavor Wheel

Since my primary goal is to find coffees with a lot of fruit in them, I'm going to start by clicking "Fruit".

Flavor Wheel

This will bring up a list of all the coffees on our menu that have a fruity component.  Blueberry, peach, mango, cherry--all of them.   This is where the fun really starts!  Check out the sidebar on the left.  Making selections here will let me narrow things down a bit.  Let's say that I'm jonesing for a coffee with cherry tones, but the thought of banana…well, maybe not so much.  I'll check cherry, uncheck banana and the rest.  Notice how the search is updated as you check the boxes.  If I'm of a mind to, I can also limit my choices to coffees from a particular region, such as Central America or Africa.

Flavor Wheel

Use the choices in the sidebar to narrow your search a bit further. Note how we've shown how the character of the coffee changes with the roast level.

Cautionary tip:  While it's fun to play with the wheel by checking and unchecking lots of attributes, be careful not to go too far with that, lest you sort OUT a coffee that you'd really like!

In the end, I've got some excellent choices on my list.  There's Bali Blue Krishna, with a deep syrupy body and some dried fruit and cherry tones to it and Colombia Huila, with a balanced, medium body and a more subtle fruit.  Note that we've included roast levels in our descriptions--Uganda Sipi Falls looses the cherry notes at a lighter roast.

Flavor Wheel 

Read through the selections and add them to the cart!

The Coffee Flavor Wheel has been crafted for you, our customers, to help you easily find the coffees that appeal most to you.  Consider it a work in progress, sort of like our menu, that grows and changes with each new crop that comes in.

Of course, if you're not finding what you're looking for, or have more questions, feel free to shoot us an email at  While the Wheel is awesome, sometimes there's no substitute for real human interaction, and we're happy to provide that, too.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please give the new Flavor Wheel a spin and leave us a comment to let us know how it worked for you!

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