Felucca Restocked!

Our incredibly popular Felucca Blend is restocked after many months!

In addition to this, we will have more coffees clearing quality testing soon and even more on the way to our US shores over the next several weeks. Most of you are aware of the logistics situation happening these days. As you might imagine, this is impacting coffee imports rather heavily. Since the coffee is spending more time on a ship we are taking extra measures to ensure the coffee quality is not impacted before we host them on our site. We know this is frustrating when your favorites are out of stock for so long. Please reach out or use the "Notify When in Stock" button if you are waiting for a specific coffee

Felucca Blend
A selection of beans that turn into an extremely winey and complex cup. Typically this is a mix of Ethiopian and Yemen dry-processed coffees.

The chocolate taste is hidden in the Ethiopian beans and the fruitiness comes from the Yemen beans. Add in the wild nature of other coffees and all these beans combine to give us a blend that is truly amazing!!

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