December 2022

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El Salvador Santa Ana SHG EP
This coffee is sweet and citric with cocoa, coffee, and nutty flavors.

CP Select Costa Rica
A classic Costa Rican that is sweet and savory with a heavy mouthfeel, praline, and citrus fruit flavors. 

Colombia La Union Narino FTO
Sweet and savory with nutty, cocoa, floral, and berry flavors.

CP Select Mexico
Almond, praline, cocoa flavors with tart acidity and a creamy mouthfeel.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Wahgi Valley Kunjun
Soft and savory with a mellow milk chocolate sweetness, lemon zest, praline, and cocoa flavors. 

CP Select Brazil
Our classic Brazil profile coffee is back. New crops just landing. This one is mild, sweet and citric with cocoa and salted peanut flavors. 

Sumatra Andi Armiyadi Microlot
Sweet and tangy with a heavy mouthfeel; cocoa, fresh hops, grapefruit, and coffee cherry flavors.

Tanzania Peaberry Kalonge
Sweet and savory with a heavy mouthfeel, chocolate, and cedar flavors.

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