August 2021

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El Salvador Orlando Aguilar Mendez Microlot
Known as "the land of volcanoes," El Salvador is the smallest Central American country. It's about the same size as New Jersey.

This coffee is sweet and citric with tart lemon and chocolate flavors that stand out in the cup. 

Costa Rica Las Lajas Micromill Honey Microlot
When coffee is honey processed the skin of the coffee cherry is removed, but the mucilage remains on the coffee seed to dry. The mucilage is golden amber in color, which gives it the name "honey processed." 

This coffee is sweet and citric with a heavy mouthfeel, chocolate and fruity flavors.

Sumatra Gayo Pantan Musara
This coffee is also a microlot. This is a washed Sumatra that has been depulped, fermented for 36 hours and then washed four times to remove the mucilage. It's dried for 14 days or longer. 

This coffee is sweet and clean with a sugary mouthfeel, rich chocolate, and caramel flavors, and tart acidity.

Nicaragua FTO Segovia
We are so happy to have this coffee back in stock after a long hiatus. This coffee is one that should be in every home roasters storage bin. Great alone or blended.

Clean and citric with a smooth mouthfeel, praline and cocoa flavors. 

Organic Guatemala Antigua
This farm began as part of an agroforestry project. The coffee is dry fermented for 36 hours before washing. Drying takes 21 days.

This coffee is sweet and savory with chamomile, lemon and toffee flavors and an herbal aftertaste. 

CP Select Mexico Chiapas FTO
Again we're thrilled to have a Mexican Chiapas back in stock. Been way to long without representation from this area. This coffee is beautifully wonderful.

We're getting sweet and tart with almond, cocoa, winey fruit and lemon. 

CP Select Brazil
Brazil has been hit hard in recent months. The latest estimates are stating that as many as 10 million bags of coffee have been lost due to drought and frost. This is a new lot of Brazil. We know this is a staple coffee for many blends. We cannot guarantee continued availability at this time. 

Flavor notes of Almond and cocoa. It's clean and citric as well. 

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