April 2021 Arrivals

We'd first like to share that we've added a new category called, Afloat. This list will include the coffees most likely to join our lineup next. For our purposes the status Afloat will indicate that the coffee has left it's country of origin and is on it's way to the US. Since travel has been restricted we are spending more time once the coffee lands to inspect and cup, ensuring cup and quality. 

Please be patient with us this year as many coffees are landing later then normal.

All of the coffees listed here landed in March of 2021 and we have finally finished our inspections and cupping. 

CP Select Brazil
This is one of our CP Select coffees. You can read more about that here.
We are getting a lot of Almond and Cocoa from this one. Clean berries and a  thick creamy body.

The CP Select Brazil is great for blending. We typically recommend letting it rest for 3 days.

CP Select Huila
This is another CP Select Coffee. We are enjoying a sweet and savory cup, with tangy acidity, dark chocolate, toffee and citrus fruit flavors. We suggest trying it at a City to Full City roast.

CP Select Tanzania Peaberry
We love this one. Do be careful when roasting though as the beans are small and may tend to get stuck, depending on your roaster. We are picking up flavor notes of sweet, savory citric, toffee, sugarcane, grapefruit and a creamy mouthfeel. 

A classic espresso blend would be 1/3 Tanzania Peaberry, 1/3 Indonesia, 1/3 Brazil or Central American.

Ethiopia Organic Washed Limu Grade 1
Washed Ethiopian coffees tend to be lighter and have a more pronounced acidity. We are delighted with the juicy and sweet tangy acidity of this coffee. We're also picking up grapefruit, floral and toffee flavors. 

Java Frinsa Collective Washed
We love the sugary praline, toffee and mellow citrus of this coffee in the cup.

Peru FTO Norte Lima
Peru is working towards becoming a specialty market. We're extremely excited about this addition to our lineup. It's balanced, sweet and citric with cranberry, lime and toffee flavors. 

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