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Wild Arabica Kopi Luwak

Wild Arabica Kopi Luwak

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This Coffee is sold in 3-ounce and 1/2-pound increments.
*This has sold much faster than anticipated and we are almost out of the portion of the lot dedicated to the 1/2 option. 

Cupping Profile: Heavy-bodied with light acidity. Its taste is smooth, earthy, and sweet with a hint of caramel or chocolate.

This Coffee is sold in 3-ounce and 8-ounce increments and this lot arrived December 2023.

Uncommon Grounds Documentary

Check out this 2019 Documentary about Kopi Luwak. We make sure all of our Kopi Luwak is Certified Wild Kopi Luwak. In our product photos, you will actually see pictures that were taken of Selamat who's featured in the documentary. These pictures were taken by one of our personal sourcing representatives that helps to ensure we are getting genuine, wild Kopi Luwak. We have one of our certificates featured in the product images as well.

Uncommon Grounds: The Untold Story of the World's Most Exclusive Coffee on Amazon. This is certified wild foraged Kopi Luwak from the Gayo Highlands of North Sumatra. DP Grade 1. Wild Arabica Gayo Luwak are animal-friendly coffee beans, processed by the Palm Civet or Luwak in Indonesia. All our wild coffee beans are collected from Certified farms only and processed in cooperation with WAP, World Animal Protection. Cage Free, WILD Arabica Kopi Luwak. is 100% traceable through World Animal Protection as freely living in the highlands of the Gayo Mountains in Northern Sumatra. This Kopi Luwak is RAW coffee, unroasted. Also called "green coffee." You need to roast it first before grinding. Roasting only takes about 10 minutes and it's super easy. Look around our site if you have any questions. Also, note that this coffee is Arabica! Not Robusta as you may find elsewhere on the 'net.

The Raw Facts

  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo Highlands, Sumatra
  • Farm: wild gathered by multiple farmers
  • Variety: Arabica , Central Aceh , Gayo 1
  • Altitude: 3,600-5,000 feet
  • Process: Semi-washed from certified farms only
  • Harvest/Shipping: New crops typically arrive November
  • Certifications: World Animal Protection verified / Wild Civet Gayo Arabika Coffee Certificate

Uncropping the Details

Call it what you will... and you will, here it is- the famed and extremely rare Kopi Luwak (wet processed) coffee from Sumatera. That's no typo, we're down with the local lingo. Sumatera = Sumatra. Kopi translates as coffee, and Luwak is another name for the palm civet, Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus. We've all met a few even if our friends had to explain it to us later... Kopi Luak, or Luwak, also comes from the Philipines Civet, called Kape Alamid in Philipino. Sometimes called Civet coffee, and sometimes incorrectly called weasel coffee.

What's special about THIS Kopi Luwak?

It's 100% traceable through World Animal Protection as freely living in the highlands of the Gayo Mountains in Northern Sumatra. A few years ago we stopped selling Kopi Luwak due to a rise in caged Luwaks. It is Arabica, not Robusta. THIS Wild Kopi Luwak comes exclusively from selected farmers of a Fairtrade Organic cooperative and is therefore completely traceable to the coffee farmer where no caged animals are kept in or around the farms. There are 50 registered collectors who provide this coffee each of whom forages on their own farm, brings their coffee to a central facility in the village of Berawang Dewal. In this facility collected Wild Kopi Luwak is checked against a quality standard by the Head of Collection. Next, a 300-gram sample of the lot will be delivered to the officers of the Gayo Coffee Protection Society in the city of Takengon. A team of specialists will verify if the coffee beans are genuine foraged and will provide a unique certificate and cupping report per lot.

$35 gets you three ounces (raw) of this unique coffee widely known as the most expensive in the world. Which IS in fact collected from the forest floor just below where palm civets do what they do best; eat insects, snack on lizards, pick the most perfectly ripe coffee cherries, and "process" them. Once roasted, three ounces will produce about 8 cups of brewed coffee, often reported to sell in cafes for over $50 a cup! Do the math on that. You gourmands might be interested to know that these are in fact Arabica beans, not Robusta as some Kopi Luwak may be. Who likes a big steamy Robusta? when you can have a... never mind. The point is, you want Arabica Kopi Luwak, never Robusta.

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