Introducing Monsooned Malabar 3.0

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The Secret is out! If you've ordered recently you've already received the Triple-A Super Grade.
Meet Monsooned Malabar Triple-A Super Grade, the Third Iteration of India’s Most Famous Bean.  
While most green coffee importers carry the same grades of Indian beans that were available in the 1980’s, Josuma takes a different approach.
Because they focus exclusively on beans from an origin that's arguably the most overlooked coffee origin in the US, coffee quality and reliability of supply are the two main ways that Josuma differentiates itself from the generalist importers and traders that dabble in Indian beans.
For washed arabica, Josuma only carries single-farm, single-variety lots and avoids the generic or mixed-cultivar lots other importers offer.
And with beans intended for espresso- Monsooned Malabar or the higher quality robustas- we seek out processing and sorting improvements so that roasters using Josuma beans benefit from more consistency and uniformity.
Josuma Coffee Company has now upgraded their Monsooned Malabar offering to Triple-A Super Grade (i.e. two notches above the standard grade Malabar offered elsewhere).
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