Indonesia Coffee Production

Indonesia Coffee Production


In 2017 Indonesia was hit with a large amount of rainfall. By late November of 2017, The National Disaster Mitigation Agency had recorded 545 landslides and 689 floods across the country.

The Internation Coffee Report is stating that the 2018 coffee production in Indonesia will decline by almost one fifth.

The Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Industries told Reuters that the coffee bean production in 2018 may fall to 500,000 tones. In comparison in 2017, they produced 615,000 tones.

Availability of coffees from Indonesia will be in decline causing pricing to increase.

Here at the Coffee Project, we are already seeing this. We've contracted with the last of the 2017 Bali Blue Krishna. While our supply is currently in good standing, we will most likely run out before the 2018 crops start landing in the fall.

While 2018 crops of Sumatra are already coming in, they are selling out quickly and with each new lot, the prices are increasing.

We will do our best to maintain stock on these coffees and keep pricing reasonable. However, you may want to stock up or look for alternatives.

Colombia rains have also prompted a decline in coffee output due to lower flowering. However, the originally estimated 20% forecasted to drop, has now changed to a 3% drop for the first half of 2018. Colombian coffees are currently selling out quickly but should be restocked on a regular basis as new lots arrive.

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