Impacts for 2024 Coffee Arrivals

Impacts for 2024 Coffee Arrivals

In October of 2023, Houthi fighters in Yemen began targeting commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea. In January of 2024, the US and 12 allies announced military action against the Houthi attacks. There is a lot behind the scenes right now to keep vessels and crew safe. All of this is causing reduced capacity on vessels, higher costs, and of course delays. 

The Panama Canal is monitoring the impacts of drought and is limiting the number and size of vessels crossing.

Combined these issues are likely to impact almost all coffee shipments for the 2024 crops. This will have a chain reaction effect on overall coffee prices and availability. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we attempt to restock your favorites. We suggest buying larger quantities in case we are unable to get additional shipments. 

You can read more on the timeline of the Houthi attacks in this January 16, 2024 article by the Independent. 

There is a newer article from March 14, 2024, also from the Independent. 

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