November 2020 Arrivals

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We've restocked from Josuma's!!

Josuma Monsooned Robusta (for espresso blends)
Arrived 11/9/2020
This is a monsooned robusta is an amazing addition to espresso blends. It's has a soft, mellow, clean flavor. Increases crema and adds caffeine.

Josuma's Monsooned Malabar - AA Super Grade
Arrived 11/9/2020
Josumas found a wya to isolate the fully-monsooned beans from the partially-monsooned, giving us Super Grade. Low in acid, high in body, and has a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor. 

Josuma's Proprietary Espresso Blend Malabar Gold
Arrived 11/9/2020
Malabar Gold® is pre-blended while green for a European-style espresso. This premium espresso blend produces a sweet, full-bodied shot with little bitterness.

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