Did you buy a Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster or Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster somewhere else?

 Here’s something we hope will get your attention.  Choose option 1, or option 2

Option 1 )

If you bought either a Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster or Gene Cafe roaster elsewhere, we'll send a pound of beans to your US address, for free. 

Email your unaltered receipt showing the purchase, and we'll send you a pound of beans free. Email your receipt to ( No cost, no strings. Free.

   Option 2)

Or, even better, send that receipt AND order beans from us within 24 hours... 

using the code " CR2 " in your online order. This one-time code will take $10 off your beans order. Yeah, it's just like we're giving you ten bucks.

That's how strongly we know you'll love The Coffee Project's raw coffee beans, and speedy service for years to come. 
  If it's time for beans, why not get some free ones today?

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