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Uganda Sipi Falls Organic RFA Fully Washed Zoom

Uganda Sipi Falls Organic RFA Fully Washed

Baker's Chocolate, Peach, Almond, and Floral

UGANDA ORGANIC RFA FULLY WASHED SIPI FALLS GRAINPRO is sourced from family owned farms located in the Bugisu region on the slopes of Mount Elgon in the Kapchorwa district, Uganda. The Bugisu region is named after the Bugisu people who are indigenous to this area. The Sipi Falls coffee project, named after a trio of majestic waterfalls, was established in 1999 to strengthen quality coffee production in the region and create a sustainable income for farmers.


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    Blessed with two annual rainy seasons, Uganda is currently one of the top ten coffee producers in the world and the second largest in Africa. The steep slopes in the East and West of the country enjoy plenty of rainfall – even during the dry season these areas remain lush and verdant - and the numerous lakes and rivers nourish the soil throughout the year.

    The coffee trees are intercropped with traditional food crops and grown in the shade of banana trees and other shade trees. These trees are host to the many brightly colored birds that flit from branch to branch and help rid the coffee of insects and parasites. Under these self-sustaining conditions, coffee is left to grow naturally, flowering on average twice a year.

    How to roast: One of two ways- both will be lovely but for different reasons. It will taste like two different coffees.

    • The first method, you could apply high heat and slowly reduce throughout the roast for floral and light high-quality citrus elements that will remind you of an excellent Ethiopian coffee. High heat ramping down like this will bring you: Jasmine, honey, lemon zest, wildflowers, caramel... OR, start with a low heat and slowly add more and more as needed until the first crack. You’ll get a syrupy sweet cherry pie quality.
    • Low heat ramping up brings you: black cherry, fig, vanilla, syrupy body. This coffee is drier and denser than the average coffee. Screen size sorting would pass for a great European Prep in Central America with 97% between screens 15-18. So very consistent prep.

    Due to the size and density, however, wherever you start the roast, this coffee will perform best with plenty of heat applied during Maillard reactions leading into the first crack. You’ll experience the high points of well-processed East African coffees. Whether ramping up or down to the end, try to have plenty of heat at first crack.

    Regarding roasting times, the longer roast times and even heat application will emphasize the body in this coffee – but the sweet florals and tropical notes will not be totally lost. If you’re looking for a syrupy coffee with sweet and floral nuance, this is definitely a good choice. Quicker roasts, as always, sharpen the brightness of a coffee.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Type No
    Elevation 4900 - 8200 feet
    Farm Sipi Falls Coffee Project
    Origin East Africa
    Farmer family owned farms located in the Bugisu region on the slopes of Mount Elgon in the Kapchorwa district, Uganda.
    City -
    Region Kaproron, Kween District, Eastern Region, Uganda
    Farm Size No
    Coffee growing area Sipi, Kapchorwa District, Uganda
    Processing system Fully Washed and dried in the sun
    Variety Bourbon: SL14, SL28, Blue Mountain
    Practices Harvest: September - February, Organic, RFA
    Climate -
    Soil Type Volcanic loam
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