Sumatra Mandheling CP Select

Sumatra Mandheling CP Select

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It's a heavy bodied coffee that tastes best at a darker roast. Mandhelings come from the northern province of Sumatra, the Aceh region. One of the truly famous coffees of the world. Coffee was brought to Sumatra by Dutch settlers.

This coffee sometimes looks a bit ugly compared to other specialty grade beans (often grading is an indicator of the political situation of the day) but typically it still tastes great. Remember, it's what's in the cup that counts.

Where most washed coffees are dried, then hulled (parchment removed), Sumatra coffee is unique in that they are hulled wet. Because they are sun dried they are also subject to rain as well as intense sun. This is part of what give Sumatra Mandheling it's unique character.  Sumatra coffees when used in blends gives body and 'lower end' taste- but having more of a nice 'earthiness' than other Indonesians.

If Sumatra Mandheling were a musical instrument it would be like a bass clarinet, not quite as clear toned as a Celebes Kalossi, but more bassy and rich.

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Product Description


Heavy, earthy, able to take a darker roast.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Elevation Aprox 4500 feet
Farm backyard farms, no chemicals
Origin - The Coffee Project
Farmer thousands of individuals
City -
Region Inland, southern coast, northern Sumatra
Farm Size approx 1 hectare
Coffee growing area -
Processing system semi-washed
Variety Typica
Practices Mostly shade
Climate Tropical
Soil Type Volcanic


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