Organic and FT Shatavari Gopi Tea

Shatavari Organic and FT Gopi Tea, for women

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Organic Shatavari an herbal phytoestrogen blended with organic fennel, lavender Chrysanthemum, Organic Osmanthus and more. This is a tea for women. And it's yummy. (All teas are sold by the ounce. Choose the number of ounces you desire.)

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No Caffeine. This tea for women is rooted in ancient Ayurvedic principles. The key ingredients are all organic and fair trade: shatavari, chrysanthemum, osmanthus & hibiscus, fennel, rose, vanilla, and lavender. It's sweet smelling tea with fennel overtones and lavender. The intention is to maintain balance in a woman's body, soul, and mind. The combination of herbs may relieve minor discomfort and water retention in a monthly cycles, and gently rebalance hormonal imbalances. But, it's also just a really nice caffeine free tisane. In Ayurvedic practice, Shatavari is referred to as “a curer of 100 diseases.” But actually, Sanskrit translates “Shatavari” as “possessing one hundred husbands” Tee hee… Shatavari is often recommended for both pregnancy and mothers' lactation. It's phytoestrogenic properties have been used in Ayrveda along with fennel for hundreds of years for women's health. Have you got a hundred husbands? ...Got just one but who's worth a hundred? Have him try our Ashwagandha Tea Blend. Be his Radha.

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Additional Information

Caffeine zero caffeine
Brew Time ~5 minutes
Brew Temperature 195 f


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