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Fresh Roast SR700 *Discontinued* Zoom

Fresh Roast SR700 *Discontinued*


The FreshRoast SR-700 computer-controlled Home Coffee Roaster, with 4 lbs of beans free.

Please note: We cannot ship raw coffee to Hawaii.

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Download application Windows Compatible Software/operating systems:

- Pentium IV min.
- Windows XP to Windows 8
- Windows 7 & 8, 64 bit version (download, not on disc)

2014 Software available as a download here. Check it out Yes, the program has been working for some time on windows 10. Also, a big group has developed a 3rd party program that is pretty cool. Here is the link https://github.com/Roastero/Openroast (3rd party program.)

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Product Description


    Questions? Email us. Simple to use and right for anyone who likes chasing perfection in their home roasting. Roast manually or use roasting profiles you've created and saved to your PC. The manufacturer is always improving each generation of these iconic little roasters. "Fresh Roast SR-700" is the newest versions of the ubiquitous Fresh Roast coffee roaster line.

    New to home roasting? Read Roasting 101 for an idea of what to expect in home roasting coffee. Use the included disc or download the application to your PC and start creating roasting curves you can save, copy, and change. The SR700 works manually too, so you don't need a computer all the time. The Fresh Roast SR700 has three temperature settings. that can be adjusted any time during the roasting process.

    • High temp. = 490 degrees - 1500 watts

    • Medium temp. = 455 degrees

    • Low temp. = 390 degrees The Fan Speed Control knob allows the finest tuning of the roast. Also computer controlled or manual. The Fan Speed Control allows adjustments of + or - 10%.

    So- Starting the roast, the beans are at their heaviest, the fan speed can be turned up to keep the beans fluid and give an even roast. Then, as the beans become lighter, the fan speed can be turned down. The slower the fan, the hotter the roast. But be aware that a lower fan speed will also not loft the beans as well, so you may want to play with beans volume a bit as well. The combinations can be endless. You'll find that a faster roast will give you a lot more snappiness in the cup. You'll also find first and second crack (see roasting 101) fall closer together, so listen for that. Faster roast = brighter cup. A slower roast will help to draw out body. If all goes well you'll have adjusted your roaster to exactly the way you like it. Similar to the SR300 and the SR500, the SR700 roasts about 5 ounces at a time. That can depend somewhat on the power supply and the beans themselves. In practice you'll find that you can get away with roasting a bit more or a bit less depending on your own conditions. An extension cord for instance is not recommended because it can reduce the power supply. Nor is roasting outside where the machine will have to heat up cold air. Roasting coffee can produce some smoke and that depends on the amount you're roasting and how dark. If you have a stove top vent that's usually enough. But if you like especially dark roasts you might choose to roast less. You won't see a lot of smoke until you get to a darker roast.  

    The FreshRoast line of roasters are our favorites. There's full visibility of the beans, smoke control is easy to deal with due to the smaller size, both those points can be a big advantage. Plus the price is right for all that they do. By roasting 2-3 batches you've produced as much as you would need if you were creating house blends or roasting for espresso. Each model of FreshRoast roaster have always been a reliable and cost-effective way to roast coffee at home. Please Note: The standard warranty on glass chambers is 6 months. (Hint, allow 15 minutes between roasts for the longest life of your chamber!) The standard warranty on the blower base is one year.

    (Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territory Customers please add extra shipping. Sorry, we cannot send raw coffee into Hawaii.) If you've shopped around and you like what you see here, please tell your friends on Facebook too.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Pros Computer controlled,. Very Quiet. Easily replaceable parts.
    Good choice for experimenting with blends and espresso
    Cons Small batch size.
    Software is PC only, not native to Macintosh.
    Capacity 120 grams (4.233 ounces)
    Temperature High (490°) Med (455°) Low (390°)
    Fan Control Control Knob to adjust + and - 10%

    Full 1 year *warranty on the Base Unit and a 6 month *warranty on the Chaff Collector, Top Cap, and Basket. 

    *Warranty void if used outside of North America.

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