Mexican FTO Women Producers Chiapas Jaltenango

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Flavor Notes: Balanced, sweet and smooth with fruit acidity, caramel, coffee cherry and praline flavors.

This is a great, well-balanced coffee. The beans from this region are growing in popularity for good reason. Try it as a single-origin coffee for a smooth, mellow cup, or mix it with custom blends to balance out a bean that reaches a bit too far for your tastes.

  • Origin: Central America
  • Region: Jaltenango, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Farm: 51 smallholder women members of Triunfo Verde Cooperative
  • Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
  • Altitude: 900 - 1800 MASL
  • Process: washed
  • Growing Season: April - October
  • Harvest/Shipping: April 2022
  • Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

Mexican coffee has not received the credit it should have in the specialty coffee world. The majority of Mexican specialty coffee is grown in the southern section of the country at a high elevation

The farms contributing to Triunfo Verde Co-op are located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. The biosphere is located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas. El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is one of the world’s most diverse forest reserves. This reserve contains Mesoamerica’s largest continuous cloud forest, and it serves as a refuge to thousands of plant and animal species. El Triunfo is a rare and valuable sanctuary which requires continued protection. All the coffee they produce is shade-grown, and biological corridors are created in order to facilitate bird and animal migration.

Triunfo Verde Co-op comprises 346 members and is managed by Hugo Lares, with quality control supervision by Calixto Guillén. Calixto is a highly motivated leader and is committed to quality: He has been very excited about the microlot project between TFV and Cafe Imports.

The women's association for Triunfo Verde Co-op has 51 members who have come together in order to collectively face some of the issues that affect women farmers in Mexico, including gender-based domestic violence, legal obstacles to obtaining land ownership, limited opportunities to diversify the family income, fewer educational opportunities, and economic dependence on men. Specifically the group has come together to launch a financial program for women called FinMujer (Financing of the Coffee Woman). This initiative seeks to distribute funds for farm renovation, home improvements, the establishment of savings funds, and more

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