Flores Bajawa Ngura

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Update: Hoping for a November 2021 landing.

Flavor notes: cocoa, floral, marshmallow, clean, mild

Big bodied, if you want to brew a cup that you can stand a spoon up in, this is it. If you are a coffee and cream person, this one is up for the challenge!

(Seriously, match this one up with some chocolate cake for a great pairing.) 

  • Origin: Bajawa, Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province
  • Region: Indonesia
  • Farm: Seven farming groups (Fa Masa, Suka Maju, Ateriji, Paptaki, Papawiu, Mezamogo, Wongawali)
  • Variety: Timor Hyubrid, S795, Typica, Catimor
  • Altitude: 1752 meters
  • Process: wet hulled, sun dried
  • Growing Season: October - January
  • Soil: Volcanic Loam
  • Certifications: 


This coffee is sourced from family owned farms located on the slopes of the Inerie volcano in the Ngada regency of Flores. This is one of the big islands in the Lesser Sunda archipelago of Indonesia. 

Over the last decade, a growing numbers of farmer groups have pooled resources to improve upon processing coffee using wet-hulling techniques (called "Ngura" in the Bajawan language) similar to those found in Sumatra. Attention to detail is exquisite. This is reflected in the rip cherry selection and raised bed drying. Before export these coffees are hand sorted three times.

Growing Season: October - January

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