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Panama Casa Ruiz Boquete SHB

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Sweet brown sugar, orange notes, syrupy body, medium acidity. Fresh, clean, sweet, nice acidity. A fine, solid, round balanced cup.

Over the years, almost 100 of them, Casa Ruiz has earned a reputation for quality, and consistency. They have remained on the cutting edge of processing and packaging. The farm employs a permanent staff of 74 workers that balloons to nearly 900 during their harvest. Thanks to their strict, high standards, only the ripest, red cherries are picked, processed, and sorted by grow method, altitude, varietal, and bean size.

The Ruiz family has been growing and processing some of the finest coffee Panama has to offer. For three generations the Ruiz family has transformed what used to be a single-family farm into a specialty enterprise.Today, the operation is managed by brother and sister, Plinio and Maria Ruiz, who like their parents and grandparents before them are dedicated to growing top-quality varietals, high up in the cool, natural shade canopy of the Boquete mountains.

Boquete is a natural valley located on the eastern skirts of the Baru Volcano in Panama.

Currently, around 60% of coffee exports from Panama comes out of Boquete. It's varieties:. Geisha, Typica, Bourbon, and others are acquiring world recognition in Cup Competitions.
"Among the important contributions, Boquete has become an important point for scientific studies. Since Boquete embraces part of still preserved natural Baru Volcano area, scientific studies comes out its different natural areas"

Natural shade trees provide cover for the coffee plants as well as food and shelter for migratory and resident bird species, and mineral rich volcanic soil supports the needs of many different specialty varietals. "Biodiversity is highly valued in Boquete. Coffee plantations are serving as buffer zone between the man-made interventions on nature and the still preserved natural areas."
Plinio and Maria support social sustainability and empowerment initiatives, including local literacy and professional development programs, including the technical aspects of organic farming, coffee industry education and even barista training.

They have also helped build a model program to help the indigenous Ngäbe people obtain organic certification for coffee grown on their land; in fact over three hundred independent, small-scale family farms partner with Casa Ruiz to process and market their coffee.

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Sweet brown sugar, orange notes, syrupy body, medium acidity.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Elevation about 5000 feet above sea level
Farm Casa Ruiz
Origin Central America
Farmer Ruiz Family - Maria and Plinio Ruiz
Region Boquete, Chiriqui Province, Northern Panama
Coffee growing area the southwestern slope of Volcan Baru
Processing system Washed, sun dried
Variety Typica, Pacamara, Geisha, Bourbon, Caturra Viejo, Caturra Nuevo, Catuai
Practices fermented and sun or machine dried
Climate long cool growing season
Soil Type Sandy, clay, loam


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