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Guatemala CP Select Antigua Zoom

Guatemala CP Select Antigua

Guatemala has seven distinct growing regions. Grown in South Central Guatemala, within in the valley of Antigua, under the watch of three volcanos.

Antigua is a medium to medium-full bodied cup.  Look for smooth bittersweet chocolate and touches of citrus. Wet processed. Beautiful prep. Pairs well with chocolate.

This most famous region falls between 4.500 and 5.500 feet above sea level in a very uniform climate. Harvest is between December and March. Throughout the year humidity is a constant 65% from the pumice content in the soil. Other regions vary widely in humidity.

Described by guatemalancoffees.com as, "Rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun and cool nights characterize the Antigua region. The valley is dominated by the magnificent Agua, Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes. Every once in a while, Fuego –one of Guatemala’s three active volcanoes– adds a fresh dusting of mineral rich ash to Antigua’s soil. Volcanic pumice in the soil retains moisture, which helps offset Antigua’s low rainfall, the lowest of Guatemala’s eight coffee regions. Like all of Guatemala’s specialty coffee, Antigua Coffee is cultivated under shade. In Antigua, the shade is especially dense to protect the coffee trees from the region’s occasional frost during the chilly nights from December to February. The dense shade, combined with the region’s shallow water table, produces a distinct microclimate within the coffee fields."

For basic drip French press etc, do take the beans up to the second crack, but then stop. Hitting it hot and fast vs slow and drawn out will modulate the brightness/body. That will be a function of your machine and batch size. If you're a dark roast fan go ahead and do a second batch and really give yourself that smokey roasted quality you crave - then blend the two together. Play with the ratio until you hit the mark.

Blending to itself can sometimes be the best of both worlds. Going dark will play up the chocolate, but you lose the subtle citrus. Your hot fast air roaster will be brighter than your drum roaster so factor that into working out the ratio. You may even find a fleeting slightly spicy effect, especially as it cools. In an espresso try 60% of our Brazil ND, 20% Colombian Patron, and 20% Guat Antigua. You should end up with a pretty straight forward syrupy, creamy, slightly caramelly shot with a nice aroma.

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Product Description


    Excellent straight or blended. Aromatic, bright, chocolate and a hint of citrus.
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Type No
    Elevation 4.500-5.500
    Farm -
    Origin Central America
    Farmer -
    City -
    Region South Central Guatemala
    Farm Size -
    Coffee growing area -
    Processing system Washed
    Variety -
    Practices shade grown
    Climate mild, consistant
    Soil Type volcanic pumice
Product's Review
    1. Chocolate syrup with just the right amount of citrus and spice overtones Review by Mario

      A friend gave me a pound of this coffee for Christmas and I roasted it City ++ (about 30 seconds into second crack on Behmor 1300 at profile 1), not expecting much. I did notice how consistently it entered the second crack, and there was not too much chaffe, allowing me to open the door of the roaster to speed up the cooling. There were no defective beans. Little did I know that this would be one of my favorite single origin espressos of all time. I am comparing this batch to two other Guatemalas from a competing supplier (I like both of them), but this batch wins hands down. The well-tamped brews on a LaSpaziale Vivaldi II with performance 18 g and 21 g baskets are truly astounding. I can't wait to blend this with the spicy Ethiopia/Rwanda and a touch of earthy Sumatra profiles to broaden the pallette, but I wouldn't mind drinking it SO many, many times. (Posted on 1/20/2014)

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