Introducing: The Coffee Project Flavor Wheel!


The Coffee Project isn't just a retailer of raw coffee for home roasters - we ARE home roasters. All of us here have personal exerience with roasting the beans we have available. We have our favorite single origins and blends. Our favorite flavor profiles, roasting techniques, and brewing methods.

As such, we know sometimes it can be challenging to pick your next coffee to try at home. We've heard that request and felt it ourselves. Our menu has been comprised mostly of beans we've enjoyed and found to be consistent across the yearly crops. We've got enough diversity to satisfy most, but accidentally intimidate some who just want to KNOW what they should try based on what they like.

The latest major change here has been designed to help make that process of picking coffees less intimidating for newcomers, and more convenient for the regulars, as well. Now, when you visit our site you will see an icon everywhere a search button can be found. Click it, and you'll be quickly on your way to finding your next favorite coffee:



You can still search by keyword, of course. Just click to the right of the wheel into the text box. It will work as it did before. You can use this to find your previous coffees, note the flavors, and then use this to now find other coffees with similar tastes.


When this icon is clicked, you get a responsive, up-to-the-minute flavor wheel with wedges that each describe a subset of flavor notes (or textures). Let's take an example and walk through how this works!

Let's say you are like me and enjoy chocolate/nut notes in your coffees. You click this wedge:



Now the system searches our inventory and identifies coffees with any of the chocolate/nut flavors in either/both of two general roasting profiles. A list comes back of matching coffees. It will look something like this:


You will note a few pretty big changes. First, we've got the regional selection available from this view again. This had been requested by several of our friends and we were able to bring this back as part of the search process. The biggest change, however is in how your coffees are displayed.  You will see we have done a rough categorization of roasts to help show when in the process a flavor profile becomes prominent. You can now literally pick your coffees by flavor!

It is wise, however, to mention at this point a couple caveats. Consider this a mild disclaimer, if you will. 

If you read our roasting 101 page, you will see that how you roast can and will change flavor profiles. How you brew will pull out different notes, as well. So what may work great for a lattee may not work as well as a coffee. An Americano, for example, might look the same as a coffee next to it, but a coffee made with that same bean and roast will taste different than the americano. 


With that disclaimer out of the way, let's look at how you can refine your search even more!

So you've seen the bar on the left (or at the bottom, if viewed on your phone). If you continue to scroll down you'll see what notes were making the selection when you clicked that wedge. 

Refined Results


If you decide you would also like to add other flavors to the mix, you simply check-mark more choices from whatever category you'd like. If you want to remove some from the current wedge, remove that mark. The page will load with the new tags in place.

This actually works with the existing regional browse as well. So if you wanted to pick only coffees from a part of the world with a nutty profile, you could do precisely that! Have fun planning the perfect blend for you!

One final note on the changes here. You will see that you can now add coffees without directly jumping to the cart. We did this change because we didn't think it would be near as helpful to have to search again after each coffee was added to a cart. So if you do that perfect search and want several different coffees from the list, just click the plus sign by that coffee to add it to your cart without leaving your search results!

Let us know what you think. We here at the coffee project wish you the best, and hope this makes your coffee roasting experiences even better!

- The Coffee Project Staff