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Josuma's Bettadakhan Estate Selection 9

Josuma's Bettadakhan Estate Selection 9

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Flavor Notes: full spectrum of citrus with brown sugar, chocolate, and caramel

The Selection 9, a descendant of the Ethiopian Tafarikela bean, is outstanding! This lot comes from Bettadakhan, a highly decorated farm located high up in the Baba Budan Giri Hills. In 2018, this farm won regional Best Arabica at the Flavor of India/Fine Cup cupping competition held each year during the European Specialty Coffee Expo.

Jacob Mamen manages this estate. His family has grown coffee here for three generations. 

The Raw Facts

  • Origin: India
  • Region: Baba Budan Giri Hills
  • Farm: Mysore Plantation from Bettadakhan Estate
  • Farmer: Mammen Family
  • Variety: Selection 9 - Washed Arabica

Uncropping the Details

Bettadakhan Estate is located on the northern slopes of the Baba Budan Giri Hills, the region where coffee was first planted in India back in the 1660s. The region is named after Baba Budan who, according to legend, smuggled seven coffee seeds out of Yemen and planted them in India. This propagated the spread of coffee beyond Arabia to the rest of the world. Recent genetic testing of global coffee varieties, shows that many beans in Africa, Latin American, and Indonesia trace their lineage to beans from India. 

Selection 9 descends from an Ethiopian Arabica variety called Tafarikela. Because it has inherited many of Tafarikela’s superior cup quality traits, Selection 9 beans regularly score highly in the Flavour of India/Fine Cup competition (i.e. the Indian equivalent to the Cup of Excellence competitions held in other origins). 

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