Tanzania Peaberry CP Select

Tanzania Peaberry CP Select

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Flavor Notes: citric acidity and a heavy mouthfeel; rich chocolate and grapefruit flavors

A classic espresso blend would be 1/3 Tanzania Peaberry, 1/3 Indonesian, 1/3 Brazil or Central American.

  • Origin: East Africa
  • Region: Mbozi District, Songwe Region, Tanzania
  • Farm: 200+ Farmers
  • Variety: Bourbon, Kent
  • Altitude: About 4500 feet
  • Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds
  • Harvest/Shipping: June - August
  • Certifications: n/a

Coffee usually develops as two separate beans, but about 5 to 10 percent of coffee beans only develop as one lobe which we call 'Peaberry'.

Many coffee drinkers believe that peaberries are more concentrated than normal coffee beans because of their small size. Tanzania coffee is similar to other washed East African coffees grown at high elevation (Kenya, Zimbabwe) but perhaps not as balanced.

It is for the acidity and brightness that people buy Tanzania coffee and it is often used as a blender.

"We now know that Peaberries are, in some ways, an actual defect. While most coffee cherries produce two beans, an estimated two to 10 percent of cherries contain only one bean. These are the Peaberries. While no one knows yet exactly why a coffee tree produces Peaberries, we do know that they occur in all varietals, but occur more often in certain countries, such as Africa, although they are also found in Asia, Hawaii and South America." - January/February '06 issue of Roast Magazine.

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