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DECAF Girlfren Blend - Organic WP

DECAF Girlfren Blend - Organic WP

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Bright, rich, bold, sweet, great body, and great taste, no chemicals, nothing added. Girlfren. A ten.

This coffee is earthy with a combination of chocolate and spice. This is perfect for a round full bodied drip brew.

Perfect for bedtime and also great to wake up with. This versatile blend of water process decafs can go light or dark, and makes an excellent dark roasted espresso.

And smart! Did we mention this blend is all Organic and uses only Water Process beans?

Certified Organic

Coffee pairing: For dessert try this blend with something Cinnabon or carrot cake. rich with a sweet icing. Or for breakfast any maple-y/ cinnamon/ streuselly/ buttery/ toffy-like pastries, pancakes, waffles, etc.

The Raw Facts

Roast dark for espresso-based milk drinks, or go lighter to hold onto the snap. Either way be careful not over extract. It's better to err toward a smaller shot for the sweetest taste. For the best espresso, finish the pull just before the crema begins to go blonde. (watch the "coda ti topo" and anticipate the color change.

You'll find an earthy/ chocolate/ spice combination in an espresso and round full bodied drip brew. At lighter roasts, you'll get a hint of snappy lemony citrus. Also, try mixing a lighter batch with a darker batch in different proportions to mix it up.

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