Ethiopia Organic Washed Limu Grade 1

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Juicy and sweet with tangy acidity, grapefruit, floral and toffee flavors. 

This coffee is certified organic and has full traceability down to the producer. The farm was established in 2000 by Ahadu Woubhset.

Washed Ethiopian coffees tend to be lighter and have a more pronounced acidity than natural processed Ethiopian coffees. 

Suggested Roast: City+

  • Origin: East Africa
  • Region: Tula village, Bonga, Kibo, Kaffa
  • Farm: Tula (Tega and Tula Coffee Farm)
  • Variety: 74110, 74112, Bunawashi
  • Altitude: 1830-1890 masl
  • Process: Washed
  • Growing Season: March through November
  • Harvest/Shipping: September - January
  • Arrival: March 2021
  • Certifications: Organic


Ahadu is an entrepreneur who was a founding member of the executive team at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. He left the ECX and invested in a farm for himself so he could focus on specialty coffee. 

The Kaffa Zone, is considered the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Ahadu's operation works hard to preserve the natural beauty of the area, support the local community and produce amazing coffee. 

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