DECAF Colombia Excelso Narino RFA

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 Flavor notes: This is a well balanced, medium-bodied coffee with light almond and citrus notes. 

This Coffee has been Swiss Water Processed

  • Origin: South America
  • Region: Nariño, Colombia
  • Farm: Matarredonda Hacienda
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Altitude: 1900 MASL
  • Process: Fully Sun Dried
  • Growing Season: Coffee grows in Colombia year round.
  • Harvest/Shipping: September through February
  • Certifications: Shade Grown, Bird Friendly, Rainforest Certified, SWP

The Zarama family descends from Spanish army officers who arrived in Narino during the Colombian Colonial Period. Mr. Jose Antinoi Zarama and Mrs. Josefina Zarama bought the land in the 1900s. Matarredonda Hacienda has been in the hands of the family for five generations. In the 1950s Ms. Amalia started growing coffee at the hacienda and today her youngest daughter Mrs. Clemencia and her husband Enrique own and maintain Matarredonda and the coffee plantation.

Three generation s of the Higidio-Himbajoa family have worked as caretakers of the farm and have passed on their knowledge of coffee growing. With more technical assistance they have been able to achieve amazing coffee with environmentally friendly practices. As a result, the farm is shade grown, bird friendly and rainforest certified.

They maintain their own coffee nursery to control external contamination. All coffee byproducts are composted and put back into the plantation. Vermiculture is a practice they have followed to improve the soil in the nursery. In addition, all residual water from the farm is treated so that they won't contaminate natural sources when they return. All of these environmentally friendly practices allow many diverse species to thrive on the farm, right next to the coffee trees.