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Gene Café Coffee Roaster

Gene Café Coffee Roaster

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If you are looking for a simple home roaster that allows you to do larger batches and have visibility on your beans, you need a Gene!

If you are looking for a simple home roaster that allows you to do larger batches and have visibility on your beans, you need a Gene! 

The Gene Cafe coffee roaster uses an off-axis rotating chamber to mix the beans while a low volume of hot air blows, carrying chaff away to a chaff collector.

  • High Visibility.
  • Time & Temperature can be controlled by an electronic thermostat. 300-482 F
  • Quiet Operation, Noise Level: 65dB.
  • Overheat Protection.
  • Smoke Control can be contained with a 3" diameter venting pipe.
  • Capacity: 250 grams (8.818 oz)

The roaster will dropship from the manufacturer. It may take a couple of days before they ship. You will receive tracking information. 

Product Description

• The Gene Roaster is easy to use. It's as easy to use as a Fresh Roast Roaster. It's intuitive. WAY the heck more obvious and satisfying than other more expensive roasters.

• It roasts 250g (8.8oz) of green coffee beans at a time. Yes, you can always roast less than a full batch if you don't need the entire capacity.

• It is worth every cent. It sounds like a lot of money, but figure that it's about 3-4 cents per cup. If you're roasting now on a smaller home machine, you'll drastically cut down the time you spend roasting coffee each week. You'll have infinite control and high visibility of the beans.

• The details are there You can even dump a batch of beans to cool externally and start a new batch immediately. Other machines require an extended cool-down period. While not intended to do this indefinitely, that means you've roasted almost a pound and a half before any other home roaster could should you choose to.

• Great Controls Two knobs- time and temperature, simple as that. No presets, nothing to program. You see a readout of where you are in time and temperature and you control the roast in an entirely intuitive way. The big glass chamber lets you see the roast progress the whole way. • Its got one of the BEST designed, and informative manuals of any home roaster.

• It is a consumer appliance that anyone can use. It not only looks great, but is highly intuitive as well.

The Gene Roaster is:
Quiet and cost-effective. It has full control and full visibility of the beans. The Gene Roaster is a winner.

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See our Gene pages for more info about this wonderful roaster. NOTE WELL: We know you have choices. A lot of our focus has moved to offering great beans at better prices. Because really, free this and free that has to come from somewhere, right? IF you choose to buy your roaster elsewhere check out this great offer, and come to us for awesome, well-priced beans with blazing fast delivery.

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