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How is Coffee like Love?

In Ethiopia, you don’t usually see coffee in to-go cups, sitting in the dash of a car or at desks at work. It’s more than that, respected, cherished. Coffee takes time, understanding, and attention. It’s a relationship. Maybe you’ve heard about the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Somewhat like a Japanese Tea Ceremony. There is tradition, meaning,

Don’t Burn Your Tongue

In prior posts, it was pointed out that coffee trees like good drainage. Volcanic soil is perfect for this and it tends to be found at elevations coffee like, so that’s a perfect match. Volcanic ranges tend to hang around the equator where sunlight is pretty even, and that’s perfect too. The kind of soil

Birthday Discounts

We’ve changed the way we handle birthday codes! Have you ever found yourself running really low on your favorite beans, but trying to stretch them out so you can get to your birthday discount in a few weeks? Then you will like this change! Starting this month, we’ve implemented a new code that allows you

Resting, Or Degassing Roasted Coffee

There are two reasons to not just going straight from the roaster into the grinder.  First is about degassing, the second is more about taste. Fresh out of the roaster coffee will throw off CO2 for a while. You can see for yourself that brewing super fresh coffee will “bloom,” that is puff up like

How do I roast this?

It’s really personal preference.  You should for sure reach the First Crack. Less then that will still have some grain-like tastes. On the East Coast, this is a pretty popular roast level and they’d tell you that’s how it’s done.  Just into the first crack. As you keep going the sugars in the coffee will

Storing your Green Coffee Beans

Store raw coffee like you would split peas or lentils. Keep them away from stinky things like garlic and new rubber tires. Use a plastic bag, a jar, or Tupperware. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Unless you plan on storing a few thousand pounds for a very long time, like a year or more,

What’s Happening When You Roast?

By now you’ve probably already tried roasting some coffee. Hopefully you’ve got a roaster that really lets you see the beans roasting. They start a pale green, then get to a khaki color.  As the remaining moisture leaves the beans, it smells kind of like hay. They gradually turn tan, sable, and then brown. You

How long do I Let Coffee Rest?

Saturday, January 16th, 2016 Letting them rest for about 24 hours is good. Depending on the coffee a few days may develop additional flavors.  Simpler coffees like Costa Rica a day/two is fine. More complex coffee like North Africa can gain a lot with a few more days. Two things are happening. In the short