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February Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter went out on February 9, 2020. You can read it in it’s entirety HERE.

There are a couple of important key points we want to make sure no one missed.

NEW Website!!

First, we have a new website coming soon. The new website will be a completely different platform than what we are currently using. We are very excited as this will allow us to being you a bunch of new features and should be even more mobile/tablet friendly. We plan on launching a rewards program and having more shipping options. Because it’s a new platform, somethings won’t work exactly the same as before. We are doing our best to keep things as similar and familiar as possible, while also being able to grow functionality. It’s a hard line to walk, but we think you’ll love it!

When the new site launches you will be required to create a New Account. Your past orders will not be visible. So feel free to copy your past orders now if you would like. We will have access to order history if you need us to look something up for you, but you won’t be able to see it from your new account. The reason for this is because of the platform change. Once you create your new account, some customers may see some address information in the system. Our Military Customers should see everything in the system as we’ve had to manually set you up to ensure you continue to get your discount. Do review the information and make sure everything looks correct. Even though we’ve set you up in the system you still have to Create a New Account to actually activate your account.

Shipping Changes

All the major carriers have increased rates once again this year. We were already exploring new options for shipping with the launch of the new website. We know many of you have asked for the ability to pick your carrier or use expedited shipping options. So we were already looking into ways to make that happen. Our ultimate goal is to keep shipping rates as low as possible, but you will be seeing some changes coming in the future. We are looking at new ways to give discounts, like the rewards program, to help offset these changes.

Our overall shipping policy will remain the same. Our warehouses ship out orders Monday – Friday (closed during Postal Holidays). Most orders ship the following business day. So if you order on Monday, your package will go out on Tuesday. If you order on Friday, your order will go out on Monday (unless it’s a holiday, in which case it will go out on Tuesday).

Birthday Discount

The Birthday Discount will reset with the new website. So feel free to use it early this year! BDAY20 is the code for 10% off your coffee.

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