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Category: Roasting

Like Comedy, The Secret To Coffee Is…Timing

Is there a problem using coffee just after roasting? … Why wait between roasting and brewing? …if coffee gets better with age, why doesn’t it KEEP getting better with age? Waiting, letting the coffee “rest” or “degas” does help in creating a better flavor. It’s counter-intuitive to the idea of fresh coffee, but letting the roasted

Interested in Roasting Professionally?

Q. I am interested in roasting coffee as a small business. My budget is going to be pretty tight, I would say I have about $5,000 to spend on equipment. Do you have any advice on which would be the best way to start out? ——— Start with good coffee of course, but don’t go

5 Free Tools to Create Mind-Blowing Home Roasted Coffee

…If for some reason you don’t have access to one or two of these tools, it’s OK. The others will work fine on their own.  And yeah!  They’re free.  Most people have them, right at home. Sight.   Look at the green beans, what size are they? Do they have a lot of silverskin? Can you tell

Resting, Or Degassing Roasted Coffee

There are two reasons to not just going straight from the roaster into the grinder.  First is about degassing, the second is more about taste. Fresh out of the roaster coffee will throw off CO2 for a while. You can see for yourself that brewing super fresh coffee will “bloom,” that is puff up like

How do I roast this?

It’s really personal preference.  You should for sure reach the First Crack. Less then that will still have some grain-like tastes. On the East Coast, this is a pretty popular roast level and they’d tell you that’s how it’s done.  Just into the first crack. As you keep going the sugars in the coffee will

What’s Happening When You Roast?

By now you’ve probably already tried roasting some coffee. Hopefully you’ve got a roaster that really lets you see the beans roasting. They start a pale green, then get to a khaki color.  As the remaining moisture leaves the beans, it smells kind of like hay. They gradually turn tan, sable, and then brown. You