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Category: Farming

Coffee Blossom Honey

We are super excited to be able to add Coffee Blossom Honey to our menu. We first sampled this back in October and immediately knew we had to share this amazing honey. The issue was, at that at the time, it was only available in glass jars. We were worried about the logistics of shipping

Indonesia Coffee Production

  In 2017 Indonesia was hit with a large amount of rainfall. By late November of 2017, The National Disaster Mitigation Agency had recorded 545 landslides and 689 floods across the country. The Internation Coffee Report is stating that the 2018 coffee production in Indonesia will decline by almost one fifth. The Association of Indonesian

Don’t Burn Your Tongue

In prior posts, it was pointed out that coffee trees like good drainage. Volcanic soil is perfect for this and it tends to be found at elevations coffee like, so that’s a perfect match. Volcanic ranges tend to hang around the equator where sunlight is pretty even, and that’s perfect too. The kind of soil