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Tips for tracking holiday shipments

We are entering that time of the year where there are a lot more online purchases being made. Unfortunately, that also means that more packages are being lost, damaged and stolen. We’ve compiled a few tips that will help all year long, with all packages you may be receiving and sending. We’ll talk about it

Military Discount Program

  As a thank you for your service we are happy to announce a new Military Discount Program here at The Coffee Project. Qualified active-duty military and veterans can receive 7% off unroasted coffee beans. This discount will be tied to your account and will be automatically applied at checkout. Active-duty personnel can enroll by emailing us

Coffee Blossom Honey

We are super excited to be able to add Coffee Blossom Honey to our menu. We first sampled this back in October and immediately knew we had to share this amazing honey. The issue was, at that at the time, it was only available in glass jars. We were worried about the logistics of shipping

Indonesia Coffee Production

  In 2017 Indonesia was hit with a large amount of rainfall. By late November of 2017, The National Disaster Mitigation Agency had recorded 545 landslides and 689 floods across the country. The Internation Coffee Report is stating that the 2018 coffee production in Indonesia will decline by almost one fifth. The Association of Indonesian

Like Comedy, The Secret To Coffee Is…Timing

Is there a problem using coffee just after roasting? … Why wait between roasting and brewing? …if coffee gets better with age, why doesn’t it KEEP getting better with age? Waiting, letting the coffee “rest” or “degas” does help in creating a better flavor. It’s counter-intuitive to the idea of fresh coffee, but letting the roasted

Interested in Roasting Professionally?

Q. I am interested in roasting coffee as a small business. My budget is going to be pretty tight, I would say I have about $5,000 to spend on equipment. Do you have any advice on which would be the best way to start out? ——— Start with good coffee of course, but don’t go

Strong Women Strong Coffee

Dorothy Jones  / Jane Barnard / Mary Gutteridge Back in 1640, when New York was New Amsterdam, Dutch merchants brought Ethiopian coffee into the US from the Yemeni port of Mocha via Holland. Coffee was not that popular in North America though. And, it didn’t taste that great due to the extended travels in the hold of a ship. It was

Storing your Green Coffee Beans

Store raw coffee like you would split peas or lentils. Keep them away from stinky things like garlic and new rubber tires. Use a plastic bag, a jar, or Tupperware. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Unless you plan on storing a few thousand pounds for a very long time, like a year or more,