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Bali Blue Krishna

Similar to Bali Blue Krishna from the past, except this Blue Moon is also RainForest Alliance certified.  GORGEOUS deep green beans. ...OK... imagine just the cookie part of an oreo. This coffee is a bit similar to that at a City or so roast. DO be careful not to over brew this one as it can have a stick to your ribs quality- so mind the grind and don't over extract. It's a big bodied coffee and if you want to brew a cup that you can stand a spoon up in, this is it. If you're a coffee and cream person, this one is up for the challenge, so go for it. Sweet- Molasses, dark chocolate. Not recommended at a very light roast. When well roasted this would be an EXCELLENT choice to have black with a BIG slab of chocolate cake for complimentary Transcendental bliss. All that and virtually no chaff. Great for you Behmor users, but watch the roast on the Freshroasts, it might take a little longer to get it where you want it.  For you espresso fans, this coffee would add body and texture to your blends.  As a single origin shot, it's got a nice, syrupy body with a touch of dried fig sweetness.  Bali Blue Moon Krishna is Certified Organic. Also, Rain Forest Alliance ( RFA) is produced by small-holder farmers inhabiting the fertile volcanic highland areas in the heart of the Indonesian island of Bali. Why have you rarely heard of Balinese coffee? Arabica plantings in the Kintamani highlands had been mostly destroyed by the eruption of Gunung Agung in 1963. The result was poor quantity and quality of Arabica coffee from Kintamani for almost 15 years. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Balinese government began a program to supply coffee seedlings to local farmers and now the growing area in Bali is estimated at 7,500 hectares. Pesticides are never used on coffee farms in Bali, and all the fertilizers are 100% organic. In addition to organic farming methods, the farmers also use shade trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine, and Orange, which have been found to improve both the yield and cup quality. Pre eruption, the farming would have been a monoculture of coffee only. Most of today's Balinese farmers grow S 795 and USDA 762 varieties recommended by the Government. These two varieties belong to the Typical family, although Catimor is also grown on a small scale. The typical altitude of farms is around 1200 meters, though many farms go up to 1600 meters. In Bali, under normal conditions, the harvesting period begins in May or early June. Coffee farmers in Kintamani are strongly organized through Subak Abian, a traditional structure of farmer organization in the upland areas of Bali. SA plays an important role both in agricultural activities as well as religious ones. SA is founded on the Hindu philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana” meaning the three causes of happiness. The philosophy is all about the relation of the individual to God, relationship to others, and relationship to the environment. Looking for Bali on a map? It's right under the A in Jampit on our graphic to the left, and just about that size too. (Seriously, match this one up with some chocolate cake for a great pairing.)

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Product Description


    Molasses and dark chocolate, hint of dried fig. Big bodied, if you want to brew a cup that you can stand a spoon up in, this is it. If you're a coffee and cream person, this one is up for the challenge, so go for it. (Seriously, match this one up with some chocolate cake for a great pairing.)
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Type No
    Elevation 1200 to 1600 meters
    Origin Indonesia, PNG, Hawaii
    Farmer small holder farmers, Kintamani
    Region Bali's fertile volcanic Kintamani highland areas
    Farm Size small-holder farmers
    Coffee growing area
    Processing system Hand picked, wet hulled, two-step sun dried on raised beds
    Variety Bourbon, S795 and USDA 762. Typica, Catimor
    Practices Shade grown organic, RFA, Organic
    Soil Type Volcanic Loam
Product's Review
    1. Great Daily Cup Review by Steve

      This coffee has barely any chaff when roasting, and tastes great anywhere from City+ to Full City+. This became an instant favorite of mine. I will definitely be buying this one again! (Posted on 8/16/2016)

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