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Stovetop Kit


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Note well - This is where The Coffee Project started back in early 1997. Since then there have been great leaps in whats available for a home roaster. While this kit is fun, we strongly suggest getting something with a plug for greater happiness. Or, even try roasting with a cast iron pan which you already have.

The Coffee Project home roasting kit is just $219.95 plus shipping and handling. As part of the kit, you get 6 coffee credits good for a terrific discount off our worldwide stock of high quality coffees.
Along with our newsletter, you'll receive a printed list of current beans in stock. You are not obligated to buy anything else from us ever again. Just tell us so and we'll take you off the Ground Control mailing list. But we'd sure like to have you as a customer and friend.

The Coffee Project Stovetop Kit comes with:

  1. The Coffee Project stainless steel Home Coffee Roaster
  2. A stainless steel storage canister for storing fresh roasted beans
  3. A stainless steel storage canister for storing fresh roasted ground beans
  4. A 216 page Home Coffee Roasting book packed with information
  5. A cooling collander (not shown)
  6. A cooling mister
  7. A gourmet coffee videotape
  8. A logbook to track your success
  9. 2 large size bags of estate grown green coffee beans
  10. 4 taste size samples of other estate grown beans from throughout the world
  11. The bi-monthly newsletter Ground Control all about home roasting with articles and stories from home roasters like you!

*What's that about coffee credits? For each empty burlap bag from the kit you return to us, we'll subtract five dollars off any green coffee beans of your choice. With six bags in the kit, it could easily be six additional pounds of coffee for us to send to you!
Compare that to six pounds of roasted coffee you've been buying. You'll KNOW the coffee you roast at home is fresher, and you'll be amazed at how wonderful really freshly roasted coffee is.

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