Black Friday Weekend Fresh Roast SR500 Home Coffee Roaster with 8 lbs of beans Free

Fresh Roast SR-300 SR-500

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Product Description

The FreshRoast SR-500 Home Coffee Roaster With 5 lbs of Beans Free.

With the SR500 you'll roast around 5 ounces at a time in under ten minutes.

Check out the new SR-700 Freshroast model too, also In stock.

When you order an SR500 Home Coffee Roaster you'll be able to select eight pounds of beans free that you get to choose. Order Now.

SR500 roasters are also the perfect coffee gift. They are simple to use, long lasting and just right for one or two people.

The manufacturer is always improving each generation of these iconic little roasters. "Fresh Roast SR-500" and "Fresh Roast SR-700" are the newest versions of the ubiquitous Fresh Roast coffee roaster line.

New to home roasting? Read Roasting 101 for an idea of what to expect.

if you are looking for a quality roaster from a quality manufacturer, at the right price, this is it. While there are other similarly priced roasters out there on the web, we don't offer them. That's because in our experience the Fresh Roast line of roasters have always been the better choice in function and value. We only offer those roasters which are right for our customers.

The Fresh Roast SR500:

While the SR-300 was an improved version of the discontinued Freshroast Eight, the Fresh Roast 500 additionally has temperature settings. It has the same capacity and features of the 300, but it also has three temperature settings that can be adjusted any time during the roasting process.

• High temp. = 490 degrees - 1500 watts

• Medium temp. = 455 degrees

• Low temp. = 390 degrees

AND, a Fan Speed Control knob has been added that allows the finest tuning of the roast. The Fan Speed Control allows adjustments of + or - 10%.

So- Starting the roast, the beans are at their heaviest, the fan speed can be turned up to keep the beans fluid and give an even roast. Then, as the beans become lighter, the fan speed can be turned down. The slower the fan, the hotter the roast. But be aware that a lower fan speed will also not loft the beans as well, so you may want to play with beans volume a bit as well. The combinations can be endless.

You'll find that a faster roast will give you a lot more snappiness in the cup. You'll also find first and second crack (see roasting 101) fall closer together, so listen for that. Faster roast = brighter cup. A slower roast will help to draw out body. If all goes well you'll have adjusted your roaster to exactly the way you like it.

The SR series home roasters roast about five ounces at a time. This can depend somewhat on the power supply and the beans themselves. In practice you'll find that you can get away with roasting a bit more or a bit less depending on your own conditions. An extension cord for instance is not recommended because it can reduce the power supply. Roasting outside where the machine will have to heat up cold air is also discouraged. Let common sense be your guide.

Roasting coffee can produce some smoke. Managing this depends on the amount you're roasting and how dark. If you have a stove top vent that's usually enough. But if you like especially dark roasts you might choose to roast less. You won't see a lot of smoke until you get to a darker roast.

We can't say enough about the Fresh Roast line of roasters. They are our favorites. There's full visibility of the beans, smoke control is easy to deal with. Both those points can be a big advantage on their own. But the price is right too for all that they do. By roasting 2 or 3 five ounce batches you've produced as much as you would in a more expensive roaster 2 or three times the price.. Each model of FreshRoast roaster have always been a reliable and cost effective way to roast coffee at home.

Please Note: The standard warranty on glass chambers is 6 months. (Hint, allow 15 minutes between roasts for the longest life of your chamber!) The standard warranty on the blower base is one year.

Here's a very funny movie one of our customers made for us about the FreshRoast FR-500.

... Way back in 1998 was the original FreshRoast Roaster, they were good. Then came the Freshroast 'Plus', they were better. Then, the Fresh Roast 'Plus8.' Today, the Fresh Roast SR-500 and SR-700 are the best yet in the Fresh Roast line of roasters. Each generation of FreshRoast roasters have been great choices for newcomers to roasting, experienced roasters, even professionals use them as sample roasters.

(Sorry, we cannot ship raw coffee into Hawaii., or any other coffee growing region.)
(Alaska Customers and US territories please add extra shipping.)

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Black Friday Weekend Fresh Roast SR500 Home Coffee Roaster with 8 lbs of beans Free

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Quick Overview

Simple to use, a perfect starter home coffee roaster, backup roaster, or daily roaster for one or two people. Choose five pounds of beans free.
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Additional Information

Pros Inexpensive, High degree of control, very quiet, easilly replaceable parts. Good choice for experimenting with blends and espresso
Cons Small batch size compared to more expensive roasters

Customer Reviews

  1. Love My SR500 Review by Bob's Garage

    I have been enjoying roasting with my Fresh Roast for over a year now and have learned a lot!

    I usually start the roast with lowest heat and highest fan speed for a minute and a half, just to dry out the beans and get them moving without burning.

    Then I switch the power on and off to reset the timer to 5.9 minutes. I switch the heat to highest heat and reduce fan speed to 3/4. As the roast progresses, I gradually reduce fan to 50%, keeping the beans moving fluidly.

    I like to stop the beans just prior to second crack.

    Every time I roast in the house my smoke alarm goes off. I have been roasting on my garage workbench.

    I drilled a hole in the lid of the chaff catcher so I can insert a candy thermometer through the chaff basket and into the roast chamber. It works great and helps to see the temperature of the roast.

    All in all, I really enjoy the coffee I roast with my SR500 and have a lot of fun doing the roasting. I recommend the SR500 to anyone wanting to get into roasting.

    There's nothing better than fresh home roasted Ethiopian Yergicheffe!
    (Posted on 4/22/13)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes, absolutely !!! Fantastic.

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    (224 of 441 people found this review helpful)
  2. Terrific Review by RPR

    At first, I had trouble getting even results. After a few tries, I figured out that you leave the fan as low as possible at first, then turn it up once a minute or so for a few seconds, then back down. This makes sure all the beans get bounced around, and you can get a very even roast, all the way to French and Dark Roast. I could probably do it blindfolded now using the smell, and crack sounds.

    Without a vented stove hood, I have to roast on my unheated back porch with the windows open. Even with the temperature at 40F, I can get roasts all the way to French or Dark. The ambient temperature no doubt affects the time it takes my roast, but not the quality.

    My only minor complaints - the fan's lowest speed isn't quite low enough and surges; the power cord is too short; when you go to cool-down, the fan should go to high speed automatically but stays at the last setting; a 3 minute cool-down seems too short to me given the same fan is blowing through the same place it has just been heating for 6-8 minutes. (Posted on 3/4/13)

    Attributes: ** Roaster Review **

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes, absolutely !!! Fantastic.

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    (221 of 455 people found this review helpful)
  3. Absolutely awesome Review by NCBob All my reviews  (1)

    I recently purchased a SR-500 roaster for myself as a birthday present. Up until now vie been using an air popper with fairly good results.

    Now after using the Fresh Roast I doubt I'll ever let myself be without one again.

    It's dead simple to use and extremely consistent. Right now it's making such good batches at the default settings the only thing I am doing is setting the cooling cycle based on how dark a roast I want.

    I highly recommend the SR500 roaster with the fan control, as you can adjust how much airflow hits the beans at different stages of the roast.

    I took it over and showed it to my Mom and my brother, and my brother is giving up his roasting skillet and getting one. We both love the batch size, it's just right for how much coffee we usually drink in a week. (Posted on 10/26/10)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes, absolutely !!! Fantastic.

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